Testing, Acceptance Testing And Functional Testing

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6.0 Testing
6.1 Introduction
Testing is one of the most important phases during the software development. It is ensuring that everything is complete and working according to the requirements of the system. Unit testing was used to look at the individual features of the system and the developer could then see if there were any bugs in the project. This testing was done quite early in development as if the bugs and errors are identified early this gives the developer a better chance of fixing this and then proceeding to the next stage of testing. It wouldn’t look good if the developer left all the testing to the very end as this would put him under a lot of pressure and this looks very unprofessional if the bugs aren’t ironed out in time.
This chapter will show the process of testing and some of the test strategies that were used. System testing, acceptance testing and functional testing are all included.

6.2 Testing Strategy
The testing strategy focused on all the main components within the system. It was better for the testing to be continuously done throughout the development of the project as then any errors could be rectified during the development and not all left to the very end. Dynamic testing was used as this allows programs to run with the test cases in development in order to see the errors early on. This allows for troubleshooting to take place while code is being developed for a particular function before then moving on to the next component. With system…

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