Testing And Acceptance Of A Factory Acceptance Test

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6.1 Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
6.1.1 The Supplier shall perform factory acceptance testing of the entire scope of supply subject to FPL review and approval of test procedures. Factory tests shall be witnessed by an FPL representative. At a minimum a one (1) day F.A.T. will be required to test Windows 7 upgrading functionality.

6.1.2 The FAT plan shall be included and supplied as part of the 100% design review. The Supplier shall submit to FPL for approval, the exact testing procedure and detailed test cases intended for use. Following FPL review, the Supplier shall submit a final test procedure, test cases and schedule. The FAT plan shall include a detailed written plan based on prior projects but adequately modified for this scope. The FAT plan shall also include a schedule along with sign-off sheets for all key steps of functional testing.

6.1.3 Provisions and planning are required in case more FAT time is required and should be a part of the schedule as a contingency. The FAT plan shall include a process designed to manage any requested changes such they, among other things, changes are captured, documented, and communicated with the change needed and status such that a FPL re-verification and element approval and sign off is promoted and facilitated.

6.1.4 The Supplier shall provide two complete sets of the affected drawings including I/O drawings. One set being the master copy for maintaining red lining.

6.1.5 Supplier shall…

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