Testing And Experimentation Isn 't A Buzz Term

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Introduction Testing and experimentation isn’t a buzz term, a lot of astute marketing and designs are incorporating it to step-up the conversion rate and also gain insights into customer’s behavior [3]. The advantage the web has over other channels is the capability to test and fail at a reduced cost [7]. A test is defined as a procedure for critical evaluation carried out to achieve good, measurable results in a short time frame [10]. Most people think of experiments as restricted to chemistry lab or by cross breeding plants in the name of biology, but marketing experiment has been around for a long time, from testing concept stores in various geographies before the product is launched to showing different television curriculum in a particular state at different time for different audience [10]. In order for the business to scale through magnificent height, a testing program should be adopted for every business regardless of its size [7]. The following are the benefits of experimenting and testing for every organization: • Guess work is eliminated; you no longer have to presume what will work on the website [7]. • The website goals can be easily identified and measured [7]. • The web analyst is less concerned about analytics for reporting or building multivariate or regression platforms, every testing tool comes with various analytics reports [7]. • Experimenting can be conducted for free using tools such as Google website optimizer [7]. • The customers can participate in

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