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Testing and Grading Issues Wow! After reading this article How to Write Better Tests, I can’t believe how much I was off the mark, thinking that I knew exactly what I was doing. This article opened my eyes to the fact that I need to develop a brand new testing framework. I need to think more broadly, use bloom’s taxonomy and integrate different learning styles as I designing my tests. Further, I now realize that I also need to keep in mind my class size and the pros and cons for each type of test that I design. I have decided as I move forward in designing my test; I will certainly have this article in front of me. As I reflect, one of the main issues that I have had with some of my essay test is that they are typically three to five questions and the questions typically only require the student to demonstrate certain factual knowledge. I also now realizes very rarely did I write down or prepared an ideal answer for the essay questions. In many cases the ideal answer was in my head. I always knew (in my head) what answers I was looking for and if a student wrote about the factual knowledge or major component of the questioned ask, s/he would receive the maximum points. After reading the article, I now understand the importance of writing down the answer. In addition to the many problems that can occur by not writing the ideal answer down. I also learned the benefits of using relatively large number of questions, which will require shorter answers. From personal experience,
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