Testing And Quality Assurance Mechanism Essay

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Making a real system is all about quality control, with the quality assurance mechanism in place, a good-written code can feel like a good job on the system but testing plays the key role in keeping code straight and narrow and filtering with its own technique will be the perfect blend on the cutting edge system. In main point testing and quality assurance plays its key roles to detect faults and making them right if someone ask a question like “Will the customer going to be happy with the system?” Well obviously, you need that testing techniques to determine the system requirements but testing is not the only one which is going to cover all the requirements There may be some questions like “Is it pity ”, “is it innovative ” or “does it gets the job done ” in this case you need the quality assurance to evaluate the actions on a such a system that it will get the established requirements. 1.1 Testing More over testing is evaluating each and every system requirement by using its own techniques to identify the different between given input and expected output in such a manner. In testing we can see two different basics testing and they are black box testing and white box testing 1.1.1 Black Box testing Also Known as functional testing or specification based testing is a method of evaluate the system functionality by ignoring internal mechanism, by a set of valid and invalid data input and code execution conditions the tester tests the systems output response and this method
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