Testing Anxiety Has A Major Effect On The Outcome Of Student 's Placement On Standardized Tests

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Testing anxiety has a major effect on the outcome of student’s placement on standardized tests. Throughout my education experience I have struggled with taking tests. Furthermore, tests have affected the outcome of my educational career. On the other hand, I have overcame those hardships because of the opportunities I was given. Well, Mike Rose in “I Just Wanna Be Average” understands what it feels like to be misplaced. Throughout that time period, Mike Rose’s test and some other person with the last name Rose got their test scores mixed up. Furthermore, this was the start of how it affected Mike Rose’s academic career. Mike Rose and I have had many similar predicaments with what the effects of standardized tests can do to our literacy ability.
Standardized tests effected his performance in school by a decline in his academics. Furthermore, Mike Rose got effected by standardized tests because his test got mixed up with another student and that student did poorly on it which affected Mikes path in High School. The school Mike Rose went to had two different paths to graduate, the college prep or vocational track. Mike Rose should have been put in the college prep track based off of his scores, but because of the switch he got put in the vocational track. When Mike was in the vocational track for two years he felt degenerated, lost the capability to want to learn, did not care about his future. Until one of his classes he started getting outstanding grades and his teacher…
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