Testing Controls Much Of The Academic Career Of A Student

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It seems standardized testing controls much of the academic career of a student. Today, test such as the ACT and SAT determine the probability of getting into college while state test such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) serve as an assessment of preparedness toward the upcoming grade of learning. There is still controversy over the workings of standardized test works. While it does check the proper essentials needed to progress from grade to grade, these tests fail to portray the real depth of student learning accurately, student success and reveal knowledge by instead testing ability to take a test. As a result, reform should be put in place to educate students for their futures better such as teacher evaluations. The students today learning to better themselves will someday become the leaders making decisions to better the lives of the students of the next generation, and this process will continue. Having said that, a test that only gives two-hour interval testing math, reading and writing could not possibly measure how much of a leader a certain student has the potential to be or the creativity of another student; the answer is that these tests do no such thing. “The problem ... is that American schools have made student assessment an either/or proposition. Teacher observations have become increasingly irrelevant as districts and states try to meet the testing targets set by the No Child Left Behind
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