Testing For A Test Or Teaching For Each Student 's Learning

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Teaching for a test or teaching for each student’s learning? It is a tough question and difficult to answer when you are walking between two different types of water. The other day I was talking with two co-workers about the standardized test. The three of us conclude that the standardized test will affect us, as a teacher and as a school, in one way or another. Most of the policy making in schools are determined by the results of the standardized test. Even more, the budget of a school district or an individual school depends on that. “The No Child Left Behind Act established the role of standardized tests in the way schools are funded.” (Thompson, n.d.). Because of standardized test, a school could get close, or it could be a reduction in their budget. What else affect the standardized test? “Critics say that the tests fail to assess students fairly, particularly disadvantaged students, and cannot take the true measure of a school 's quality.” (Frontline, 2014). I believe that at some point, this is true. My coworkers and I have the same experiences with some of our students: they guess or do not take a standardized test seriously. For example, when my students take a pre-test, they said they guess on the test because it was not for a grade. However, sometimes they also guess in the standardized final exam, and sometimes get lower scores than the pre-test. Another standardized test that they are guessing is on the Arizona’s Statewide Achievement Assessment
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