Testing Is A Tool A Counselor

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Intro Counselors that work on college campuses have a unique job. Many college counselors work with student’s who need individual and group counseling” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 280). Testing services may or may not be a part of the counseling center. There is a difference between “testing academic services gives and testing a counseling center gives” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 279). Counselors “use standardized test and inventories in the counseling process” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 283).
Testing is a tool a counselor uses to assess a client. A client must “agree to be tested and to use the information gained for self-exploration” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 283). Tests that counselors give clients have nothing to do with “academic testing and they are kept separate and confidential from other school records” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 283). Testing can often be “used to compliment client interviews when they have concerns regarding career choices” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 283). These tests can also help a “client explore relationships, identify depression and seek self-awareness” (Nugent & Jones, pg. 283).
Specific Tests Counselors Use
Clinical Tests There are several tests counselors use to diagnose and evaluate clients. One common test is called the “outcome questionnaire-45 (OQ-45). This test can help show if a client in counseling is improving or is improving as expected. Another common test used by college counselors is the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the…
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