Testing Is Necessary For Student Performance

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Introduction Testing is as much a part of education as attending class, eating in the cafeteria, or going on field trips. Testing is necessary in order to provide feedback relating to student performance. Testing is a vague phrase, however, and for the purposes of this paper, specifically, standardized assessments, formative assessment, and summative assessments will be discussed. Standardized assessments come in two varieties, aptitude tests which predict “how well students are likely to perform in some subsequent educational setting” and achievement tests which are what “citizens and school board members rely on when they evaluate a school’s effectiveness.” (Popham, 1999, p.8) Formative assessments are also known as “assessment for…show more content…
If schools are expected to be compared in standardized testing and measurement data, then there also needs to be better alignment of curriculum that is being taught. Based on that thought, Common Core was designed and adopted, or at least a version of Common Core, by most states. “With proper use, these standards (Common Core) could eventually lead to greater equality in education and give all children the education they need and deserve.” (“Testing, testing”, p.7)
My Philosophy of Assessment
Assessment is one of the most important tools in a teacher’s toolbox. It serves a multitude of purposes towards the educational process. According to Rust (2002), assessment serves three overarching purposes, “it determines much of the work students undertake, affects their approach to learning, and is an indication of which aspects of the course are valued most highly.” (p.1) In this manner, Rust outlines the basis of determining what students will do, how they will do it, and why they will do it. Rust goes on to further identify the appropriate steps to designing assessments in order to get the best use out of the results, first teachers must decide on the learning outcomes, what do the teachers want the students to be able to do at the conclusion? The next step is to design how the teacher would like for the students to demonstrate their ability to show that they have met the learning outcomes. The final step
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