Testing Methods And Interview Process

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Southwood High School is a government-funded, nonprofit organization that consist of approximately 800 students aging 13 through 18, with 120 staffed employees. Southwood’s Human Resource Department recently advanced their recruitment methods, increasing their number of internal candidates by ten percent. Even though their hiring methods have improved, there are three significant methods that can still be improved upon, ultimately increasing their external candidate percentage. These three methods include Job Advertisement, Testing Methods and Interview Process. Job Advertisement Recommendation

Job Advertisement is a key part of any recruitment process, and creating an effective advertisement is crucial for the success of Southwood’s students. Currently Southwood is seeking a French teacher to join their staff. They recently developed a web site through the school’s home page to advertise their open job positions, and to allow electorate applications. Although a web site is a great technology improvement, unfortunately it is not enough to ensure their job positions are fully reaching the right candidates. It is crucial for recruitment processes to improve with technology, and “Eight-three percent of organizations are now using social media as part of their recruitment process” (Blacksmith & Poeppelman. 2014). Instead of posting job position only on the Southwood school home page, it would be beneficial to also post aids on other networking site such as
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