Testing Of Project Problem Statement Using Generated Test Data Essay

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Assignment No: 6 Title of Assignment: Testing of project problem statement using generated test data. Testing is an activity that can be planned and conducted systematically. Testing begins at the module level and works towards the integration of entire computer based system. Nothing is complete without testing, as it is vital for success of the system. Testing Objectives  Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors.  A good test case is the one having highest probability of finding an undiscovered error.  It demonstrates that software functions appear to be working according to the specifications. Three reasons to test a program  For correctness  For Implementation Efficiency  For Computational Complexity Unit Testing Unit testing focuses on the smallest unit of software design i.e. the smallest component or module. Important control paths are tested to uncover errors within the boundary of the module. It focuses on the internal processing logic and data structures within the boundaries of a component. This type of testing can be conducted in parallel for multiple components. Integration Testing Integration testing is a systematic technique for constructing the software architecture while at the same time conducting tests to uncover errors associated with interfacing. The different modules in our project were interfaced and tested in small increments, thus making the errors easy to isolate and correct. This is known as incremental
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