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Test Plan  Guidelines for Test plan Test planning is document which have detail regarding objectives , targeted market , internal betta team and processes which to carry out regarding beta test for software or hardware product so thus it typically contain a detailed understanding of the eventual workflow. “Test planning, the most important activity to ensure that there is initially a list of tasks and milestones in a baseline plan to track the progress of the project”. It is also known as size of test efforts.  It is document which is also called main document or master plan or project test plan  It is build up in early phase of project.  Be specific in creating  Test plan documents is a reference based document from which…show more content…
 Processes: Describing the processes of the Test Plan 1. Test planning task 1 : Develop test strategy Defines unique aspects of the test and Identifies – Critical Success Factors – Type of application – Type of project – Type of environment – Scope of testing – Risks (Criticality) – Who will test? – When will testing occur? – Tradeoffs • Cost • Schedule • Scope • Quality 2. Test planning task 2: Define Test objectives • Determines at a high level what is to be tested. • Ideally, based on defined requirements • Can be based on: – Business events and processes – Customer needs – Known functionality 3. Test planning task 3: Identify needed Resources 4. Test planning task 4: Plan Test Environment 5. Test planning task 5: Define test environment 6. Test planning task 6: Identify Function to be tested • Requirements-based • Transaction-based throughout the system – Business/Operational functions – Events • Functions in vendor systems • Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) software 7. Test planning task 7: Identify Interface to be tested • Internal to the organization • External to the organization – Data feed 8. Test planning task 8 : Write test planning tasks • Primary benefit is for interactive online software • Allows the test to be performed independently • Allows the test to be
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