Testing : Testing And Automated Testing

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Manual Testing 2 Benefits of using manual testing 2 Problems of using manual testing 3 Automated Testing 4 Advantages of automated testing 4 Save time 4 Faster and less effort required 5 Repeatability and consistency 6 Reusable 6 Increase of test coverage 6 Cost Reduction 7 Disadvantages of test automation 8 Bibliography 9 Introduction Testing is very important for success of software product. There are two testing strategies: manual and automated testing. Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user and use most of all features of the application to ensure correct behavior. (Wikipedia, 2016) Test automation is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. (Wikipedia, 2016) Many companies today have very important question, do they need to use manual strategy or automated. This question is very hard because each strategy has its own weakness and benefits. Companies can spend a lot of time trying to solve this dilemma, but do we really have to choose between these strategies? Actually both of them are complementary. Manual tests can capture some deep and unique defects, that automated tests will miss. Automated tests in its turn have higher speed and cost reduction. As we see each strategy has its own role in the testing practice and each of
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