Testing The Limits Of Sense And Science

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Reading Response #2:
Deborah Coon "Testing the Limits of Sense and Science" Deborah J. Coon’s article titled, “Testing the Limits of Sense and Science,” was mainly about how American psychologists battled, pseudoscientific ideas of psychology such as spiritualism in which to support the scientific and experimental boundaries of the discipline of psychology. Coon’s purpose of this article was to illustrate how scientific psychology came to be developed and personify those who fought for experimental psychology. These psychologists established to maintain the boundaries of psychology as a field of science. Throughout the article, Coon presented popular ideas of psychology that made psychology in the eyes of other fields, as “unscientific”. This was a result that people perceived psychology as “psychic research, spiritualistic, and paranormal phenomenas.” She quoted influential people in the field of psychology that fought for scientific rather than nonscientific claims of psychology. Some of the main points she included to support her thesis were; Spiritualism, A New Science of Psychology, Problematic Boundaries, and The Nemesis. She went into detail about these key points, describing how influential psychologists fought for scientific psychology. The first and major key point made in this article was, Spiritualism. This belief was extremely popular in the late 19 century. This was a belief in which people felt they could communicate with their dead love ones. This
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