Tetrachloroethylene Essay

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This research paper will explain along with explore the side-effects of the toxin
Tetrachloroethylene and the hindering factors that is causes when it is exposed or come into contact with the human body.

Tetrachloroethylene is considered as one of the most volatile, hazardous and synthetic
(manufactured) chemical substance that comes in the form of a non-flammable, clear-colorless along with liquefied substance that is composed of chlorinated hydrocarbon which is used mainly as a solvent abroad in the metal degreasing operations, dry cleaning/textile industry and etc. (Kacew & Lee, 2013).
The chemical solvent tetrachloroethylene is known by many sub-names such as (Agency for Toxic
Substances and Diseases Registry,
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This particular toxin solvent has been in existence since the dawn of time during the year of 1980, in which it was discovered or detected in some an enclosure of ground , surface water as well as in the atmosphere (air), soil, food and even breast milk of mothers (ATSDR, 1997). The main routes of exposures take place during the inhalation (breathing) of vapor-mist and ingestion of contaminated water along with dermal exposure, which occurs when there is a usage of contaminated tap water during showering, bathing, or swimming this is considered as a minor route of entering (ATSDR,
People do not realize that this particular chemical point of entrance into the environment
Basically occur when it evaporates into the air during the time it is being used or exposed. A the same
Time it can also seep into our water supply and then into the soil during the disposal of filthy sewage
Sludge and from plant waste that is usually leaking from underground storage tanks that are not properly sealed (ATSDR, 1993) and (ATSDR, 1997). Tetrachloroethylene can also get into the air that
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EPA, 1991). It is a known fact that the human body can at any time can become exposed to toxins or chemicals entities which will cause a terrible unbalance to the immune system with severe ailments (Kacew & Lee, 2013).
The Respiratory System (Kacew & Lee, 2013):
The role of the respiratory system is to supply oxygen to various parts of our body for it to function properly and this process is accomplished through the process of breathing-inhaling (oxygen) and exhaling (carbon dioxide). The main route of exposure of this agent is through the process of inhalation and at this time the chemical substance tetrachloroethylene will then absorb into the blood in the body through the entrance of the lungs (Kacew & Lee, 2013). During this process of the intake of air the amount of the exposure of this agent will depend upon the ventilation rate, time of exposure and concentration of intake of atmospheric from the act of breathing it from the air. This will cause irritation of the lung, shortness of breath, coughing, vomiting, double vision, coma, chemical pneumonitis or
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