Tetrad Personal Statement

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I realize that my most impactful development occurs in education when my determination as a student is complimentary to the university’s efforts to teach. Beginning my education at a community college, I master my learning ability by focusing on teaching and how to learn each subject most efficiently. Coming to Boulder with an Associate’s Degree, I realized how much more I am able to do with more resources and mentors. Leading research, becoming a learning assistant and challenging myself in courses taught me how much I can learn from an eclectic student body and faculty. To continue expanding and learning, I aspire to challenge myself academically and gain diverse clinical experience as part of UCSF’s MD/PhD Program. The Tetrad Program is designed for students, like myself, that want to expand their interdisciplinary research and collaboratively lead discoveries in medicine. By recognizing the benefits of a researcher’s and a clinician’s perspectives, I hope to develop both viewpoints as an MD/PhD…show more content…
I aspire to perform Nobel Peace Prize winning research while providing compassionate care to my patients. Having both a researcher’s and a physician’s perspectives, I am motivated to bridge the gap between science and medicine by educating patients about their condition and treatment options in appropriate detail. As Albert Einstein said, “[I]f you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Being trained as a leader of both science and medicine at UCSF, my understanding will allow me to teach any patient and provide their right to educated healthcare decisions. With my balance of clinical work and research currently, I am excited to go to work every day since each day brings a new learning experience. Attending UCSF would transform my dream into my reality and keep this excitement in my life as I progress as a leader of academic
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