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Experience an original on all fronts with the classic arcade game for Nintendo that is still the best selling worldwide. Tetris on the NES brought a simple but challenging puzzle game with chip-tune Russian music to living rooms across America. It has since had variations built into many games and for most consoles, but the Nintendo version still reigns supreme. And now, the first game played in space can be relived by devoted gaming hobbyists that maintain original NES machines. Tetris stands out from other retro games in that this timeless game is so ubiquitous that it never got old.

The general mechanics of this geometric shape stacking game are at once simple and yet infuriating challenging as speed builds. Four square are arranged into seven shapes called Tetrominos, from the Greek prefix tetra that means made of four segments. One by one,
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This is the first challenge, as gaps that get covered by other segments prevent that entire line from being completed. As the lines build up towards the top, there is less time to rotate and place the Tetris shapes well. If the layers build up all the way to the top, the game is over and the player starts over. If a threshold score is reached by completing layers and gaining points, the player moves on to the next level.

With each new level, the rate at which the shapes fall increases, and the classic NES music also speeds up. The original Nintendo produced version for the NES only had one mode, placing it among hallmark high score challenge games. Competitive purists love these types of games for their minimalist qualities that emphasize game play skill over pure dumb luck. While there many other Tetris games, the original Nintendo legend is what competitors refer to when laying down Tetris challenges. NES games and games for every platform thereafter all owe a debt of gratitude to Tetris for creating their
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