Tetsurou Alternate Ending

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Fishing out his car keys, Tetsurou started heading out of his office, but he stopped half way, turning around as he faced the couple just behind him. "By the way, Keiji. Can you do me a favor?" He asked the omega. Keiji blinked a few times before answering his question. "Sure. What is it?" Keiji. "I want you to be in charge of hiring my next assistant." Tetsurou. "Ehhh?" The couple uttered in unison. "But why me?" Keiji "Because I trust you and your judgment in picking a right person for the job." The alpha explained. Aside from being an efficient co-worker and an assistant to Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji is also good at reading people and analyzing their attitude. He's like a fortuneteller but not quite. He will easily find out what kind…show more content…
And too much to Tetsurou's surprise, Keiji is always right with his assumptions. "Ok, I will do my best then. But please don't blame me if my intuition is not accurate and ending up hiring a wrong person." Keiji replied. "I doubt that will happen, Keiji." Tetsurou "Yeah! That's impossible, babe" Koutarou said wrapping his arms around the omega's waist, planting a kiss on his cheek. "Ew. Get a room, please." Tetsurou wheezed by the sudden display of affection. The silverette alpha playfully stuck his tongue out, taunting the bed head. "You're just jealous, Tetsu." Koutarou sang. "Am not." Tetsurou "Are too." Koutarou "Am not."…show more content…
"Drive safely, Tetsu!" Keiji "Go get her, Bro!! Make lots of babies!!" Koutaro. "Shut up, Kou!!" Tetsurou's voice hollered through the hall as he paced to elevator, a chuckle escaped from his lips because of the silver head's teasing. He rode the elevator down to lobby. As he reached the groumd floor, the employees who happen to pass by greeted him. Tetsurou gave them a smile and continue to pace out of the building walking towards the parking lot. Turning off his car's alarm, Tetsurou sat inside, starting the engine before driving off to the nearest cake shop and heading to the airport to pick up his fiancee. __________________________ Haneda Airport.. Currently waiting at Gate 3, Tetsurou watched closely at every person that is exiting the gate. Bored, He slumped onto the rails, not minding how ridiculously childish he looks right now. 20 minutes has passed since he got here, while the plane that his fiancee rode already arrived 10 minuted ago. He sighed, slowly getting impatient with all the waiting. He checked his watched again, exactly 23 minutes has passed. "She's late" He thought, resting his chin on the
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