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TEVA Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company that develops, produces and markets generic drugs. Its subsidiary, formally known as Sicor, is based in Irvine California and is responsible for the production of injectable suspensions and injectable complex drug delivery systems. TEVA USA’s Irvine office markets products from diverse therapeutic areas including analgesic, anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology, CNS, dermatological and anti-inflammatory. TEVA’s global structure is vertically-integrated with three main business segments, finishing dosage generic pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals. TEVA’s corporate structure is one of its core competencies. TEVA has a…show more content…
TEVA has policy guidelines in place, not policies. The engineers at TEVA, in the interviews we had, were portrayed as exhibiting the one track mind set outlined in the book. TEVA 's chemical engineers seemed to have tunnel vision, focusing on the project at hand and ignoring any management involved in the process. The senior chemist for R&D that we interviewed gave a good example. He gave the analogy of a football team where the team was pushed hard to produce but not given the right tools. Without management (a coach) the projects demonstrate chaos. Engineers go from extinguishing one fire to tackling the next one that pops up. The main problem was the lack of management at TEVA. This is attributed to the mindset of the chemical engineers being above businessmen, or not needing the experience of expert managers because they are engineers and feel they can solve all problems themselves. TEVA operates on the assumption that yesterday’s answers will apply to future markets. TEVA’s focus is on being lean, flexible and able to adjust quickly to the market. They have to be to be first to receive approval on their drugs. However, with price being the basis for competition and the lack of beaucracy and management, the waste that TEVA’s culture creates puts them at serious risk amongst their competitors. The way TEVA deals with a problem is to throw money at it. In fact, there is so much money in the industry there really is no incentive to cut costs. An

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