Teva's Success as a Pharmaceutical Giant

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Shlomo Yanai, CEO Teva's Website, 2012 Well, that is part of the reason for Teva's success as a pharmaceutical giant that has been said to be so ubiquitous that many people have never heard of them. Yet the other parts of their successes are related to how they have opted to do the opposite of what most other companies do: they deliberately chose to stay away from the perils of branding in favor of being the generic alternative. Their primary purpose is to create and facilitate the use of generic drugs and generic drug ingredients the cheaper alternatives to the otherwise expensive drugs that people take when they have limitation (at least in the US) on the health prescription plans. Their accomplishments in this regard are substantial even when they talk about retaining the agility of a "small company" as the opening quote suggests. Recent assessments of their financial picture as presented by the chief leadership people demonstrates that they are hardly that (Suesskind and Marth, 2008). Even their own website corporate description pages recognize that their impact far exceeds what they may look like to outsiders: Teva manufactures 71 billion tablets a year in 77 pharmaceutical and API facilities around the world. Over 1.5 million Teva prescriptions are written each day in the US alone, 1,052 prescriptions per minute. Our numbers speak for themselves, more generic medicines mean more health for more people. This is what we do: we make quality healthcare

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