Texas Constitution And The Constitution

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Texas Constitution Texas Constitution of 1876, written by ninety delegates, a majority of them white farmers, Grange, and Democrats. Fewer than seven percent of the delegates were African American, yet proving unity Texans restructured the Constitution with considerations of past attempts: creating limited power for government, popular sovereignty, and separation of powers for state and local systems. Considerably, Texas Constitution was no walk in the park; on the contrary, it was a struggle from the beginning. 1836 was the first Coahuila y Tejas Constitution; Texas won independence from Mexico. Texas Constitution addressed personal property, land ownership, water rights, and community property. Majority of the delegates who participated in creating the constitution of 1836 was from the southern United States, meaning Texas was a Republican state. With this in mind, Texas constitution was similar, if not somewhat direct copy of the National Constitution, Texas created a limited government, bicameralism, separation of powers, and popular sovereignty system. Furthermore, presidents and Legislatures were elected; the president had the power to appoint the cabinet; it also called for a secretary of war and navy; they were later canceled when Texas joined the US. Texas went on to create the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial, this was a step to create separation of powers while the actual how the structure worked created checks and…
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