Texas Constitution Vs. U.s. Constitution

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Texas is considered a very diverse and unique state in many different aspects. It is the second largest state with more than twenty-six million people residing. People all over the state live in a variety of environments, cities, suburbs, rural areas, you name it. Of course though, like in everything else, there are always both positive and negative things. However, despite the fact that Texas have very high poverty rates and it has the second highest income inequality, Texas is a very interesting state and it has a lot of things that are worth learning about. I learned some things about Texas politics that I thought were very interesting. These topics include the State Constitution and the legislature. The Texas Constitution and the U.S. Constitution is very similar to each other in terms of structure. Both documents provide framework, and the amendments come from the will of the people. The Texas Constitution was written to govern the the individual state alone so it should be more specific and less flexible to change. On the other hand, the U.S Constitution is more flexible than the Texas Constitution because of the fact that it was designed to be governing a total of fifty states with each individual states differing from others in values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and the states consist of individuals who have similar values. Today, we are still operating under the 1876 Constitution with four hundred ninety-one amendments, which includes a preamble and seventeen
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