Texas Culture

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Texas Culture When the three of us decided to use Texas as our micro-culture, I thought it was a great idea. I am not a Texan, since by definition to be a Texan, you must have been born in Texas, no exceptions (http://www.texas-best.com), but do consider myself an honorary Texan. My first experience with Texas was around 1983 when I visited the state. I was traveling quite extensively at that time and most of Texas was included in those travels. I had previously been in several other states in our nation but none seemed to compare to the great State of Texas. Things were just different in Texas. The people were different, the culture was different and the image of Texas, portrayed by the people, past and present is equal to no…show more content…
Texas is just different from other parts of the country. The people in Texas are more genuine, honest and real. The beliefs and values that made Texas what it is today are still held in high regard and preserved for future generations. Most Texans feel that being a Texan makes them a Southerner, not vice-versa. They have a huge "Southern Pride" that the "Yankee's" don't seem to understand. Texans compare living in Texas to the North and especially the North East in a variety of ways. After all, you can see the stars in Texas, other places in the country it's just too bright from light pollution. Texas just doesn't have that ever present smog that the Northerners have to deal with. There's a major weather difference in Texas compared to the North. There's usually no major ice storms, snow to shovel, shivering in your shoes waiting for the bus or months of freezing weather. Besides a major difference in terrain and weather from most parts of the country, Texas just has it all. Other people joke about Texas but I've come to the conclusion that they are all just jealous of what they don't have. That's usually what happens when someone wants something that they don't have, they make it seem less important by creating jokes or making fun of it. Certainly, Texas has its share of that. After all, you might be
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