Texas Executive Branch Research Paper

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When people are asked to describe the United States a lot of different answers will be thrown out there but the word 'freedom' will probably be said more than anything else. The word 'freedom' trickles down to the government level too because of our founding fathers. When the founding fathers came together and created the greatest country ever, they made sure the power stayed within the states and the people inside them. Because of this, states have the right to design and create their own governments and the laws in which they govern by. Texas took full advantage of the law and created a government system even more geared for the people. Whenever the United States purposes a bill, the president has the power to veto a bill as a whole or if…show more content…
When a bill is on the president’s desk, it whether or not we like the bill as a whole or not and often people never have chance to share their opinions until then I'll has already been decided. Allowing the people to protest and talk about individual parts of a bill is the best way to go in the end simply because the people have 'a chance.' If I had to change anything about the Texas Executive Branch I would try to think of a way to incorporate the public even more. By allowing the people the chance to say something while the governor is amending the bill is already a great idea but maybe using more of the modern technology to have the people even more in the ear of the government and more importantly the governor himself. I would make this change simply just to make the voice of the people louder. Then again, I wouldn't make a change to the current system just for the fact that if there was a change the opportunity could present itself to the government to gain that power back and more centralized. It seems like today whenever the government gets a chance to gain more power they usually take advantage of that and gain the power. Not giving them that opportunity would be the best course of action in my…show more content…
According to Texas Politics, "The only executive official appointed by the Governor is the Secretary of State. The other officials campaign independently and do not have to campaign as a unified group or slate. Furthermore, these officials that are elected independently and do not have to answer to the governor. I like this structure because at the national level, the public elects the President and from there on our, he decides and personally elects his on candidates. The reason once again, that Texas got it right here, is because if the Republican nomination wins the election, the. The democrats can try to elect their officials in office whereas if the republicans win at the national level then there is a zero percent chance that the democrats get anyone they wanted in his cabinet. All in all, the Texas Executive Branch seems to be the best route to take and ultimately I'm surprised the national level hasn't taken this approach either or that there hasn't even been a discussion about it either. If America truly believes in equality and the voice of the people, I think that they should take a serious look at the Texas executive branch. In the end though, the national level wouldn't dare give that much power to the voters nor would the president want any of his power taken away from him because his veto power as well as his cabinet may be his greatest
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