Texas Government And The State Of A New Law

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To first start, I must say that in the last fifteen weeks of class I did learn a lot about Texas government and how does the state manage the power between the politician and the people that elect them and also how must of the laws and major decisions are taken and how everyone in the state take a big part at the time of making a change, make proposed change a law or apply for a new law. In the fifteen weeks of class that I took I found that the system that we use at that time was really good because of the lectures in the class , the presentations and most of it the essays homework and exams , with that method I found myself more into the topics because for every work I did took a more direct approaches to the topic and also the book did give good examples to take from their or to check the website for guidance and see different periods of time on how all the people have influenced how Texas run in this actual time . One of the ten points that I found really interesting in the class was how in chapter one and two explained the importance of the 19th and 20th-century influence the Texas constitution that we have until this day. For example, in chapter one, I learn that Texas have his independence from Mexico on April 21, 1836, when Texan soldiers defeated Mexican forces along the San Jacinto River. The group of Texans that fight at that time was led by Sam Houston and by him capturing the president of Mexico and general he go the independence in that they, and by that…
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