Texas Gun Control Research

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The state of Texas, however, is different from other States in matters of firearms regulations. For one to buy firearms in Texas State there is no waiting period. The buyer gets the access to weapons at any time as long as he can pay for it. When a law is passed, and it violates the right for any American to bear arms, it is termed as unconstitutional thus the law must meet the requirement of the second amendment.
Most Americans who support the Second amendment agree that it guarantees all people to own guns for their protection against threats that may invade their homes. For many years, the American people have owned guns, but they are required by the law to register their firearms. The case of Heller vs. the district of Colombia gave Americans of Texas state the power to purchase guns without much interference by the state (Lund, 2015).
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In most states of the USA, there are types of firearms that are prohibited to be owned by citizens such as machine guns, short-barreled firearms armor-piercing ammunition and explosive weapons. However, the state of Texas does not have measures in place to regulate such prohibited firearms by the second amendment. The state allowed the use and carrying of handguns in public which is not common in most States (Spitzer, 2015).
Gun control is among top controversial issues that affect the people of USA (Lund, 2015). The battle on who is allowed to own a gun has received debates from different sides. This has therefore called for constitutional reforms in bills and laws that govern the use of firearms. Firearm regulations help to set policies which govern, regulate on acquisition and access to guns by civilians. In the USA many changes have been made concerning manufacturing, selling and transportation of
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