Texas House Of Committee Essay

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Amit Sharma Paudyal Prof. Sharifian GOVT 2306 17 Nov. 2017 Committees of Texas House of Representatives After winning the election, there are many committees which we can serve. As a Texas House of Representative, I would like to serve on committees related to Higher Education, Transportation, and Public Health.
According to Ballotpedia, “ The Higher Education Committee is a standing committee of Texas House of Representatives.” The committee consists of nine members and they have the authority to education beyond the high school. The committee also have power over the colleges and universities of Texas. 1 They look after all the matters in the state agencies such as the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, the Texas A&M Engineering
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The committee has the power over the protection of public health, including whether the medicines and health services are properly exercised or not. It works with the Department of State Health Services, the Anatomical Board of the State of Texas, the Texas Board of Pharmacy, the Texas Board of Nursing, and supervises the activities of Health and Human Services Commission. The committee focuses on prevention and treatment of the mental illness and develops several therapies. The Texas Medical Board and the Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers operate under this committee.
Moreover, my platform for the campaign was to improve the quality of education and provide affordable costs to students. Besides this, I focused on the roads of Texas and their status. The roads are not good enough and are undergoing construction. I am standing on those issues and on reducing the tolls. My platform also considered the advancement in public health. I focused on improving the health services of the people. My agenda is particularly on providing easily accessible medicines and services to the public so that they can be benefitted. ‘Health is wealth’ is my propaganda. Since, my platform is focused on such issues and my agenda have positive impact on the education, health, and transportation, my placement on these committees is justified. It serves my district’s needs. We have less health services and people cannot afford those facilities. Expenses are higher for people. Improving the
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