Texas Immigration

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For many years now the state of Texas has been said by many to be the land of opportunity where everyone can reach their aspirations. According to the Texas tribune, “More than 1 million undocumented immigrants live in Texas, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Because of its proximity to Mexico, Texas is second only to California in the number of undocumented immigrants who live in the state. Since the U.S. Congress in 2006 sparked national debate about illegal immigration, the state's immigration policies have become a matter of controversy in the Texas Legislature.” Like in any area of the United States, the immigration and migration of people both legally and illegally shapes our country’s population and the economy. However, there are millions of illegal immigrants that struggle to find a way to live and then there are the legal foreign-born individuals that abide by our laws and still struggle to get by. Most citizens in Texas may not truthfully admit that there is…show more content…
Mexico’s population is rising swiftly with a prediction of 135 million by the year 2051. Mexico’s agricultural output does not meet the needs of a growing populace. A majority of these families can't grow enough to feed their own families. Mexico maintains close to a steady 25% unemployment rate. But those who do work, work for very low earnings , and some families survive on money that their immigrant families send them. In spite of the negative effect, one of the positive effects is that illegal immigrants end up enhancing the local economy. For example , these immigrants in Texas are said to have raised the Social Security Trust Fund by $75 billion. Given that some immigrants do not qualify for various benefits, some businesses will capitalize on this factor to conserve on labor costs. Furthermore, immigrants usually end up working low-end jobs that don't entice
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