Texas Immigration Issues

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Immigration has been a controversial topic for many years. Recently though the government and the people have come to some difficult impasses in what each deems a good idea versus a bad idea when dealing with immigrants. In this article, we find the topic of immigration mixed with the ever-present topic of educational cost. To say college is expensive would be an understatement. The cost to go to college is high and it often guides a person’s choice in where they go. In-state tuition is one of the small ways a student can minimize the exuberant costs that will haunt them for the next ten years. Unfortunately for those students, who although they were raised in the state of Texas do not posses the requirements of being a Texas citizen, the help…show more content…
From receiving a work visa to finally receiving a green card to legalize them as a citizen, an immigrant loses time in which they can do they things such as go to a university or get a job. In September, Texas passed a law that would offer a waiver to illegal immigrants who would like to enroll in a Texas university. This law allows illegal immigrant first-time college students with a high school diploma or who have their GED who have lived in Texas for at least three years to pay in-state tuition on the grounds that they will apply for citizenship when age appropriate. This bill passed by the Texas Legislature will open the doors of Texas universities to as many as 3,000 immigrants. Although many are in support of this bill, many are having a hard time with it. This bill gives these immigrants great opportunities but many want to know how it will affect other laws. To allow them to go to school based on this wavier, contradicts many of the previous laws dealing with immigration. Many people in government fear the changes that immigrants will cause. Many believe “citizens should be given the priority and illegal immigrants should not have this benefit” (Champagne, Anthony, et al, 2017, p. 29) regarding tuition for school. Only time will tell what this will do to the Texas economy and the
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