Texas Is Ranked The Second Biggest State In Size And Is

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Texas is ranked the second biggest state in size and is also ranked the second in population. According to CBS, Texas has around 28,000,000 residents which comes in second to California’s 40,000,000. Between 2015 and 2016 the Texas population grew in number by approximately 430,000, which is more than any other state has ever grown. The population has doubled in the last 36 years. It is projected that the population will double by the year 2050 due to people moving to Texas for their families and prospective jobs. There are 5 cities in Texas which are among the fastest growing cities in the U.S., these consist of Georgetown, New Braunfels, Frisco, Pearland, and Pflugerville. Texas gains more out of state residents than any other state.…show more content…
As more houses are built more land is becoming occupied by swimming pools, houses, garages and so much more. An increase in people is good for the economy but not so great for the land and agriculture.
The landscape is also majorly effected due to more people relocating to Texas. When people relocate for better paying jobs they make more money which increases the need or want for more toys. Due to the increase in cars, not only from excess cars but also the amount of cars being used as transportation for people relocating, there is an increasing need for space to put them. People are building bigger garages to fit all their cars which is taking away from the agricultural areas. Water supplies in the west are also coming harder to find. Many springs in this area have been lost which is bad for many areas.
This increase in cars is also not profitable for the Texas environment. “Highway vehicles account for about 40 percent of NOx and 15 percent of VOCs in the United States, according to EPA figures. But power plants, factories, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities are big contributors too” (Hopkins, 2015). An increase in the number of cars will cause and increase in pollution. Also, adding more power plants and oil refineries add to the damage of the environment which assists in the creation of smog.
Also with more people relocating to Texas means more families and more children. Currently the births in Texas are outnumbering the deaths which
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