Texas Is The Appropriate Place For Relocating The Company 's Headquarters Essay

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I. Reese-Son L.I.P Backpacks, LLC in Texas
A. They say, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, let’s see if we can achieve bigger financial growth there as well.
B. After thorough research, I recommend that we move our company’s headquarters to Houston, Texas for reasons that include: a bigger demographic, Millennial lifestyle, reduce labor cost, and less tax requirements.

(Let’s examine the findings and facts that we’ve discovered)

II. Findings and Facts

We will discuss the three key reasons that proves that Houston, Texas is the appropriate place to relocate the company’s headquarters. (First, demographics are focused on age groups or generation groups)

A. In Houston Texas, we will reach a higher demographic of Millennials
1. Texas population consist of 25.9% Millennials compared to Florida’s 17.2% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).
2. We can directly advertise to our target market
3. We can socialize and learn from our target market.

(Next, lifestyle is focused on how Millennials prefer to live).

B. Having knowledge of our target markets lifestyle will benefit us because we create great durable backpacks that fit their lifestyle.
1. Millennials live an on the go lifestyles, and they prefer products that fit into that kind of lifestyle (Fromm, 2016)
2. Millennials are a more active generation than previous generations. (Physical Activity Council,2016)
3. Millennials look for items that allows them to pick-up and
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