Texas Is The Best Job Producing State

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Texas is known as the independent, friendly, wealthy, job producing state perfect to raise a family. Jobs are the main reasons for so many people moving to Texas, in fact in 2013, Texas has had a net gain of over 300,000. The numbers and stories of Texas growth sounds promising and is very understanding why so many would want to move here but is it all true? It’s time to look at all of the facts and numbers, to see what jobs, income, and wealth in Texas are really like. According to Cal Jillson, author of Lone Star Tarnished, Texas being known as the best job producing state is caused from the ever growing population, exceeding the population growth of the national rate, in Texas. In 1940 the national rate for increase in jobs was at 20.8 percent, while in Texas it was a rate of 35.2 percent. Increase in population permits room for development in clients and demand for Texas’s businesses, which means an increase of hiring more workers to meet such demands (Jillson 79). Being the best job producing state in the nation, one would think Texas has the lowest number in job lost and a healthier in income than most, correct? No. Though Texas shows such a high increase over the decades in jobs, others would disagree and be defensive in naming them the best job producing state in the nation. John Ellwood, a public policy professor at Berkeley, says that the Texas model is a low-wage economy with superior income discrimination (Jillson 80). According to the Corporation for…

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