Texas Is The Lone Star State And Lessons For America

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Texas has been a booming success in recent years, even weathering the Great Recession in 2007-2008. Employment growth and businesses moving to Texas because of its low taxes, pro-business environment, and limited government have contributed to Texas’s rise to the financial top. These are factors that should be considered when trying to improve the United States government and economic system. Author of The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America, seasoned political consultant, Chuck DeVore provides guidelines for the United States government to operate similarly to the ways of Texas government. DeVore has established his credibility with various political positions. He was a special assistant for foreign…show more content…
I found it interesting that DeVore does not give a salary amount for the college graduate, so we have no way of comparing the two instances. For example, what if the college graduate made only $30,000 a year with a degree in arts, or what if she made $100,000 a year with a degree in business? Thus, we have no way of knowing how unfair this situation really is to the mother who graduated college. I think DeVore should have also discussed how many hours the other woman works at her minimum wage job, for the sake of a complete and logical argument. The ambiguity in the amount of hours she works, reminds me of a Humans of New York post I read, where a single mom of three worked ninety-five hours a week at three different jobs, so that two of her children could go to Yale and the third child could attend Colombia. This post highlights how the author does not consider the many external factors that exist beyond his hypothetical scenario. I think DeVore needs more substance in his hypothetical situation to show how the government wrongs the college graduate and to emphasize the importance of a limited government. His next point regarding government tax incentives and how they can limit the free market has more validity. Tax breaks are the government’s way of rewarding corporations who follow
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