Texas Local Control

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Rakesh Yadav Prof. Sherry Sharifian Govt. 2306-73004 Date: 05/02/2017 Local Control in Texas One argument for local control in Texas is that the government works best by being close to its people. Local governments can communicate, collect feedback and respond to the questions raised by local citizens faster (Rinaldi, 45). 1 This is true for issues about zoning, public education, traffic regulations, and fire codes. Also, local control is advocated for because it increases the accountability levels as those responsible are close to the citizens. However, local control is sometimes unacceptable because some governments can direct the town funds into their bank accounts. This is because, the leaders are granted developmental funds, but they believe the locals will not complain if they steal. Hence, they easily misappropriate them.
Hypocrisy is evident when the state government executed its will on the polluter protection bill and oil and
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The central government appraised this act claiming that it was a conservative measure. This is seen as a matter of self-importance and not a conservative measure. It is an invasion of the free market. However, it claims that the measure would help solve littering issues without thinking of the negative consequences (Charles, 70). They include the need of buying more plastic bags by car owners who mainly use plastic bags as rubbish can linings. Hence, the ban makes the consumers buy additional plastic garbage bags. Also, there is a chance that expenditure on recyclable bags will increase. The state should protect businesses and consumers from the unfair interference on their economic freedom. The general public was not given a chance to air its views on the matter before it was enacted. Hence, most of the decisions should be made by the local governments. The reason is that these officials are more answerable to the
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