Texas Rifle Association Research Paper

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The Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) is an interest group that represents tens of thousands of members throughout the state of Texas. The TSRA’s objective is to protect the rights of a law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms under the constitution of the state of Texas and under the constitution of the United States. The TSRA uses its influence through it’s members and currency to consistently attain their objective. The TSRA is an organization limited to the local residents of the state of Texas. The interest group encourages those, with or without a firearm, to join “If you believe in supporting the U.S. Constitution and supporting the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens.” The TSRA has it’s own PAC (Political Action Committee) that…show more content…
The TSRA uses mainly on it’s influence over it members in casting votes for candidates that support their values. Much of the money donated goes to programs that can be established to train, teach, and mentor those who which to utilize a firearm. A small sum of this money however is contributed to candidates campaigns. A few examples are in 2004 the PAC donated $1,000 to two separate republican candidates: Pete Sessions ® and Arlene Wohlgemuth (R). Sessions and Wohlgemuth were both running for the Texas House of Representatives at that time. Another example is in 2008 the PAC contributed $1,750 to three candidates: $500 to Michael Burgess, $250 to Jeb Hensarling (Both running for a seat in the Texas House of Rep.), and $1,000 to John Cornyn (Running for a seat in the Texas Senate)(Credit: Center for Responsive Politics). This reflects the the TSRA’s PAC often invests small amounts of money in republican candidates running for the Senate or House of Rep. in the state of…show more content…
One of the large images on their website is a link to a page called “LEGISLATIVE”. The beginning of this page starts with the title “Bad Bills” it includes a list of the bills in Texas’s legislation that the TSRA would like to stop through the members choice of vote. The list contains a few of the following: Senate Bill 221 which promotes a list of firearm owners possessed solely by the FBI. Also House Bill 234, which “strengthens anti-gun language to allow tax-payer owned property to be leased and managed by a private management firm which can post this tax-payer owned property off-limits to LTCs.” Along with the “Bad Bills” list comes the “Good Bills” list which promotes certain bills such as Senate Bill 16 which pushes for the elimination of original and renewal application fees for a License To Carry. Another bill the TSRA is pushing for is Senate Bill 349 which “Clarifies the definition of “school-sponsored activity” in the Penal Code to avoid roving gun-free zones, off-campus buildings or on areas of land, not owned by or under the control of an educational
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