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Performance Reviews via Social Networks
LaTavia Willis
Dr. Sherbert
HRM 500
May 15, 2012

In this assignment I will be expressing my views on the reference of social networking and how it applies to the daily supplement of assessing performance and the development of employees. This assignment will describe my response in regards to “If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary.” My views whether I agree or disagree with what the statement presents. I will also be comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of the social network performance review to the following age groups: veterans, baby boomers, generation X and Y. “The biggest
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The compare and contrast of these two generations; X is merely based on feedback and how the information is received and how the criticism can be used to accomplish goals and advancement opportunities. In regards to generation Y; prefers regulation via social networking websites to sustain firm information being provided to them. The issue in this generation is the multi function capability of basic mediation without higher authority assistance. Technology for the veterans and baby boomers is just a laughing situation to most, my views are they do appreciate change, they have traits of a human with autism; someone who accustom to routine.
Statement, “The biggest payoff of these social network style tools may prove to be better performance by the boss”.
There is not much justification for many payoffs in regards to social network style tools.
O’Toole states: “It has been said that Americans are increasingly overworked.” Is to discuss whether social network type evaluations aid or hinder the overworked American.
I agree with O’Toole statement in response to Americans and their work ethics. Social networks and the type of evaluations that it provides for an overwork American, can give a grade that has a large chance of either hindering or aiding the
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