Texas School Zone

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Jessica Emola Oliver English 1301 12-3-2016 Bryan Texas school zone issue: School zones have been an issue in Bryan and College Station for a while now and are always changing. The school zones we have had cause unequal distribution of race and economic status throughout the schools, leading to unequal funding and disciplinary problems throughout the students. The Bryan Independent School District and the College Station Independent School District really need to sit down, talk about and act on the only solution to this problem, which is creating school zones that benefit everyone equally, economically and racially, to help improve the issues inside our schools. Bryan…show more content…
Instead, the current system decided which school you attend based on what side of the road you live on or what area of town you live in. A school zone doesn't have to be a straight line, such as going straight down highway 6 or straight down highway 21, this is what has been done in the past and it just doesn't work. The best thing to do would be for the school board to meet up and put a map in front of them, the next step would be to start from one side of Bryan and start separating the North and South side, but not into a straight line as usual. The separation needs to be down backroads and alleys where the equality can come into play. This can be done by adding poor neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods to each school zone equally. The Bryan Independent School District website has a preview of the 2017 school zone map and, it looks like they are starting to figure out these simple changes. “These maps reflect months of careful planning and input from stakeholders, including multiple small group discussions and two public forums”( Changes to the maps were implemented after public input in order to incorporate feedback and enhance or improve the zoning maps, where possible. Once school zones are put into place that divide the school districts into more equal and fair parts, the school districts can start to work on the racial and economical diversity that divide the
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