Texas Social Workers

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1) Would a school social worker in your city or town be legally justified in talking with a 14 year old about a pregnancy and possible abortion before securing the parents permission to do so.

In Texas the social workers would have to allow the parent of the minor to know that the child wants t get an abortion. In fact the child could not get an abortion without the signature of at least one of her parents. Title two subtitle 33 states that A pregnant minor who wishes to have an abortion without notification to one of her parents, her managing conservator, or her guardian may file an application for a court order authorizing the minor to consent to the performance of an abotion without notification to either of her parents or a managing conservator
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I think that a social worker in this situation would have a lot to deal with because it would be hard for him or her to meet the wants of the minor and still obey the law. In Texas social workers have to tell the parent if they the child wants an abortion. I thought that it was also strange that the mother has to go to at least two appointment before getting an abortion. I think that this law is suppose to help with changing the person mind. Checking the student record to see if she had a social worker before is a good idea because if she has you can go to that social workers and find a little more information about the female. I would want to see her medical record first because, it will help me understand her past a little more For example by looking at her medical records I can tell if she has had an abortion before, or if she has a history of STDs. Looking at her medical records is a big help in this situation. Looking at the family lifestyle of the pregnant minor would be a good help also. There are a lot of things that a social worker can do to get more information on the girl. As a social worker on thing that I would be concerned about is the male that got her pregnant. I know that the girl is my priority, but the male must be in shock as
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