Texas State And Local Government

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Cailen Hollins
Texas State and Local Government (04706) The two states of Texas and California have vastly different methods of taxation and they also differ in how they spend these taxes collected. In the past, many people packed up and moved out west to California because they saw it as the land of opportunity, but recently, this trend has changed as many individuals and businesses have been moving from California down to Texas. This is a relevant point to discuss because this movement has much to do with how California and Texas both tax their citizens. Texas prefers a regressive tax system, which taxes citizens by letting the taxes fall as the tax base increases, California implements the opposite method through more progressive taxes. While citizens may prefer Texas’s system of limited taxation, this also severely effects what services the government is able to provide to its citizens, which is why I would argue for slightly higher taxes so that Texas can obtain more benefits in the long run. Many citizens have moved to states like Texas and California because they see it as a place of opportunities to find careers or raise families. Despite Texas being the second largest state in America, according to the 2010 Census, its population was lower than that of California. California’s total population amounted to 37, 253, 956, meanwhile Texas was only at 25, 145, 561. Consequently, in 2014 the total taxes collected in California were higher than Texas, with California…
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