Texas State Legislature: A Questionnaire

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Do you think that the legislature mirrors Texas's population as a whole? To qualify for election to the Texas state legislature requires meeting a number of different formal and informal conditions these include:
The individual must be at least 21 years old.
They have to be a registered voter and legal resident of the state for at least two years.
The person must be a resident of the district for a minimum of one year.
The candidate should spend at least two to three years working with party officials and individuals inside the community.
They must be married, middle aged and working in the fields of law or business.
These different factors are showing how there are a series of prerequisites everyone should be in compliance with. ("The Legislative Branch," 2012) No, the Texas Legislature does not mirror the population. This is because the requirements are encouraging someone to become involved in politics if they are from select backgrounds. For many immigrants and the poor, this means that these individuals will not understand their challenges or problems. Over the course of time, this lack of representation will have an impact on the kinds of policies that are implemented and enforced. When this happens, there is a good probability that these demographics of the population will be continually ignored on a regular basis. ("The…

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