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Texas Toll Roads - an examination of tolling and alternate measures Nothing that has occurred in the last several years in Texas has been quite as controversial as the new and increased usage of toll roads for new road construction. We have heard many statements that the toll roads are being built as a money-making system for the state (and the Department of Transportation). Statements have also been made to the effect that the state is "selling" the state, one length of roadway at a time; that the current roads could be maintained by the state, with current state funding levels. The main complaint is that the roads of Texas have always been free, and should continue to be free. But are these arguments correct? Texas Roads have…show more content…
As well, the money which is currently being gathered to fund road maintenance and building in Texas, is not all going to road maintenance or building. At this time, 18.4 cents is gathered as a federal gasoline tax, and 20 cents is gathered as a state gas tax. However, the federal tax is sent to Washington, and we only receive back 87 cents of every dollar sent (the rest goes to other states). As an example of this, Rhode Island gets back $2.10 for every dollar in gas tax that they send to Washington. For the state gas taxes gathered, it is even worse. Of the money gathered by the state, almost 1 billion dollars is sent to other state agencies (such as the Department of Public Safety, Education, and other state colleges and state parks).3 This money is regulated by the state government to go to these other agencies, which detracts from the department of transportation’s ability to handle road maintenance. So, even before taking into account the increases due to inflation, the budget of TxDOT is decreased by $1 billion dollars (almost half of which goes to the state’s educational system). The state is selling itself, one length of roadway at a time. People seem to want to believe that the state is giving
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