Texas Tribune : Mexican American Studies Gone Wrong

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Texas Tribune: Mexican-American Studies Gone Wrong

In today 's society there are a lot of issues in respect to what is occurring in regards the nationality and sentiments of other nationalities or even cultures in America. For instance, in Texas there was the issue where a new textbook would become active to High Schools and its students would learn, or the intent was for students to learn about the most predominant culture in South Texas… the mexican. Students would be taught this new course, if accepted by the school districts in Texas. Unfortunately, the class is not the most depicted issue, but it 's textbook. The textbook was wrong in many ways as it depicted stereotypes about mexicans that are wrong, and demeaning. The facts are wrong in regards their history, the true intentions of mexicans, and the contributions they have put into the United States.
In the Texas Tribune the article: “Committee Denounces Proposed Mexican-American Studies Textbook” explains how many people who contributed to this book to only show wrong ideas and how it is just about hate. The different people that were in the article mentioned that the new textbook had 54 pages that were wrong in all ways. State Board Member Ruben Cortez Jr said “it is an utter shame we must deal with racially offensive academic work”.
Moreover, the “‘committee concluded that the textbook doesn 't meet basic standards and guiding principles in the history profession’”. The report of the committee determined the…
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