Texas 's New Gun Control Policy

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As of the beginning of this year 2016, Texas has now been an open carry state. Open carry simply means that every single 21 year old or older gets to purchase a gun if they choose to do so and wear it out on the streets. Texas had been going back and forth on whether or not to allow this to pass and in the end it did. Many Texans had mixed emotions about the open carry system and did not approve of it due to situation that might have occurred in their lives or others that hit them hard, and/or because of the sense of fear that guns just can have on a person. Texas’ citizens are usually portrayed as cowboys/girls, and westerners that live-eat-breathe all things country, and gun loving machines. In some cases that may be true but not all Texans are, for example the Valley. There are many views and opinions as to how others feel about Texas’ new gun control policy and they vary from great things that this new policy can contribute to this state, compared to negative aspects that it can lead up to. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with Texas now allowing the open carry system in this state. Yes, it might be frightening at first but to me there is nothing wrong with letting people carry guns. It is simply giving them their rights as a citizen of the United States of America.
Many Black and Latin voters in the state of Texas absolutely do not support any such idea of the campus carry. This has been said due to a most recent poll that was taken by the Urban Policy Research and
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