Texas 's Republican Party : An Understanding Of The State

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In order to fully grasp how Texas’ Republican Party has progressed throughout the years, one must also have an understanding of the history of the state. The first thirteen colonies of the United States were under British control, a circumstance that Texas was not a part of. Even though many other countries tried to control Texas, they were not able to do so for long periods of time, due in part, to the independent nature of the people throughout the state. Because of the constant threats Texans faced, such as invading armies from foreign countries, the struggles of living out west, amongst many others, the people became incredibly independent, freedom loving, and extremely hard working. At the start of Texas’ history Texans did all of the…show more content…
Those who supported Lincoln, who did not want the union to be divided, were removed from their positions in government because of the pro confederate nature of most of the people in Texas. Because of this, democrats took control of almost all of the government.
The civil war had profound effects that would last for a very long time on the states and people of the south, including Texas and its people. In Texas for a very long time, the people were very strong after events such as the Texas revolution. They did not understand what it was like to be defeated. Even though there was no battle lost in Texas during the civil war, they still felt defeated after President Lincoln had the Union army occupy their land, post-civil war. Because of this feeling of defeat, the Republican Party was shamed and would not be able to make up any ground in Texas for years.
Because of the anti-slavery beliefs of the Republican Party in the past African Americans supported the party in the early years after the civil war. “In fact, throughout Reconstruction, African Americans comprised about 90% of GOP membership, and 44 African Americans served in the Texas legislature as Republicans. It was through the hard work of a number of dedicated African American men and women that the earliest foundations of the Republican Party of Texas were laid. The
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