Text Analysis : Text Mining

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Text mining sometimes known as text data mining often refers to the process of pulling out of interesting and non-trivial patterns of knowledge form a semi or unstructured text document. Text mining can also serve as an extension of data mining or of data finding from a structures database. With text mining it can be the same as data mining but with a bit more complexity, because they somewhat carry out the same processes and has the same purpose, however with text mining the data is more unstructured rather that structured in the data files such as : (pdf, word, xml etc.). This is so because most people store information in the form of text, it is believed that text mining can be greater than data mining, during recent years there where a number of studies done which indicates that 80% of business information is stored in text format.
Text mining is an interdisciplinary field which involved retrieving information, text analysis, information extraction, clustering, categorization, visualizations, database technology, machine learning and data mining.
Text mining can be of great help to different area where there are large amount of data/ information such as accounting( monthly reports),human resource(employee reports),marketing(customer feedback) just to name a few . With text mining we don’t just use it as a means of filter but it can also be used for prioritizing emails based on their level of important

Differentiate between text mining, text analytics and data
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