Text Analysis " the Lumber Room" by H.Munro

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�The Lumber room� is the text for analysis, which represents an ironical story written by a well-known British novelist and short story writer Hector Munro.
Hector Hugh Munro is best known in a literature word under a pseudonym Saki. He is acclaimed for his witty, sometimes whimsical, often cynical and bizarre short stories; they are collected in Reginald (1904), The Chronicles of Clovis (1911), Beasts and Super-Beasts (1914), and other volumes. Included among his other works are two novels, The Unbearable Bassington (1912) and When William Came (1914). Moreover, he is believed to be a master of the short story and is often compared to O.Henry.
His father was an officer in the Burma police. After the death of Munro's mother, Saki, at the
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It makes the story more vivid, real and emotional. The characters of the text are complex, the description is mainly indirect, and both characters have negative and positive traits of character.

The general tone of the text is mainly humorous and ironical, having some sarcastic notes in the dialogs. The events of the text aredeveloping and curious. In some way the author presents the events from the Nicolas point of view. As it was mentioned above from his biography, the character of the Henri Munro's aunt in The Lumber-Room is Aunt Augusta to the life.
The text is logically framed and structurally divided into 2 paragraphs.
- The preparing of the plan and the � unauthorized intrusion into the forbidden paradise�.
- The intrusion into the �lumber room� itself.
The composition of the story has the
The exposition, �disgrace conduct of skilled tactician�, when little Nicolas put a frog into his bread -and-milk in order to stay at home and slip into the � Lumber room�. The aunt, in her turn, got into Nicolas trap and �allowed� him to execute his plan. The sense of irony, which is crucial in the exposition, is achieved be special lexical selection and various stylistic expressive means. � How did she howl! �? - said Nicolas cheerfully, (basically the entire first dialog is built on the irony and sarcasm - �grim chuckle�, �asked aunt with some asperity�,), �he felt perfectly

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