Text, Context, And Context

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Text and Context
1.) Text- “Any media item-photographs, advertisements, films, magazines, books, websites, television programs, newspaper articles and so on.”
Context- Production contexts- “Finding out the acknowledged motivations of those involved in production.” (pg. 93)
Distribution contexts- “The two main contexts are space and time, where the text is being read and when it is being read.” (pg. 94)
Audience contexts- “Any reader may hold only hold for a particular audience.” (pg. 97)
When looking at the text within a context, different types of contextuality are explore. Production contexts, distribution contexts, and audience contexts. Production context is the study of how texts are produced; in this case, looking at this ad, it was not something difficult to create, most likely created by 1-3 people, printed off and posted. When looking at distribution contexts, space is an important element. Different types of media are located in different “spaces”, in this case this poster is located in a university in order to affect the texts intended meaning. Audience contexts are the study of how audiences use and make sense of the text. There are two types of audiences in this case, the inscribed reader and the actual reader. The inscribed reader is who the media is deliberately addressed too, which in this case is most likely university students, typically ones that consume alcohol. The actual reader is anyone else who comes across this poster, which could be anyone from
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