Text Messaging Affecting Literacy

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Text messaging has become a very popular way to communicate for teenagers and it seems to be altering the literacy of teens and also affecting the way they speak.
Text messaging has lead to many teenagers to become iliterate. With more teens resorting to texts and emails to communicate with others the literacy is changing over time.
The impact that text messaging has on literacy of teens is important because the generations will slowly become more reliant on the texting slang. As the literacy decreases due to the texts and emails each generation will slowly create a new view of what literacy is.
Literacy is affected by different aspects of texting. The things that effect it include the access texting gives you to autocorrect,
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Using cyber slang for words is shortening words with abbreviations and acronyms while texting is another reason the literacy of teenagers is impacted.
The Times Daily newspaper mentions that “the cell phone text-based abbreviated communications teens use are showing up in more formal writing. (Writing, Technology and Teens).
Teens bringing their cyber slang into formal writing shows how heavy texting is affecting the literacy of teenagers.
Cyber slang is taking a toll on the literacy due to the fact that using abbreviations is the easy way out and most teenagers tend to find an easier way for everything. In this case the easier way out is negatively affecting the teenagers.
Reading and writing is important for teens due to how often it is forced in the curriculum at school and needed for the rest of their life and losing the ability to do so should not be affected by cyber slang.
Texting affects how teens speak
With how heavily texting is on the ability for teens to read and write it is also altering the way they speak and conversate in real
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Teenagers use texting as their main way to communicate which forces away face to face talking and the requirement of using the correct way to read write and speak.
The way teenagers speak such as saying acronyms in conversations and abbreviations for words out loud is proof that the grammar used to text is affecting the words we use for communication.
Speaking to people of importance or even just a family friend would require you to have literacy skills so that they can understand what you are saying but the generations to come may form a new thought of the requirements of what literacy is.
It is becoming evident that the way teenagers read write and speak is being impacted by the percentages rising of the numbers of text messages that are being sent by teens daily.
The use of autocorrect that allows teens to not have to know how to correctly spell, cyber slang, and also the way texting creates a barrier from how they speak are all affecting the literacy that is needed for
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