Text Messaging

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Text messaging is a very controversial subject in our society, possibly even in other cultures. Some complain that texting is overused and abused while others praise the most recent developments and upgrades of texting. The pervasive use of text messaging in today’s society has many facets; however, the bad is said to outweigh the good. Any individual’s perspective on the issue will most likely depend on their age group or social class. For example, a fifteen year old would appreciate the convenience and speed of text messaging but a fifty year old would most likely not need the texting function on their cell phone; therefore, the speed and convenience of text messaging would become irrelevant. Mobile-based coordination, as Ling calls…show more content…
The scarcity of understanding among the groups can cause tension, fighting, and even resentment. The majority of text message conversations are built on forming a response as soon as you can. No one really notices that the hidden idea behind this general statement can actually lead to a need for instant gratification. Not only does this “necessity” cause severe impatience, it also causes an absence of attention to many things such as school or one’s communal life. When I text during a math or science class where something has to be explained in steps, I lose all of my focus and do not understand what the teacher is explaining. This most likely occurs in other types of situations such as business meetings or even dinner dates. Texting while driving has become the most prevalent cause of traffic accidents in America today. “The general finding here is that the mobile telephone increases reaction time and that it demands that better could be afforded driving” (Ling 49). Those who take the risk of texting and driving have a subconscious belief that they can avoid a car accident even though they are more focused on the cell phone rather than driving. This belief has killed approximately 2,600 people a year and caused six percent of all traffic accidents (txtresponsibly.org). Lawmakers saw the consequences of these actions and banned texting while driving in Washington D.C. and 34 states. University of Utah conducted a
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